TECNOPLANO was formed in 1966 by Nelson Montes as the first Portuguese company dedicated to Project Management and Consulting Engineering.

In 1972 it was formally registered as TECNOPLANO, S.A. establishing as a market reference for the “know-how” and permanent updating, the methodologies developed, and its dissemination and application of great complexity and scale Projects.

In 1999 the company was acquired by Manuel de Matos Pinho, with thirty years of distinguished professional activity in LNEC (Portuguese National Engineering Laboratory), as Designer, as Construction Technique Manager, as General Manager of Construction and Real Estate Companies, has embarked on a process of diversification of TECNOPLANO for new areas of activity.

This process allows a systematic approach to new market sectors, and the provision of multi-disciplinary skills to match global and integrated approach to the needs of our Customers.

With more than one thousand contracts developed in three continents, TECNOPLANO stands out as independent entity of Planners and builders in various areas of economic activity.

Nelson MontesFounds Tecnoplano in 1972
Manuel Matos de PinhoAcquires Tecnoplano in 1999