The TECNOPLANO participates in the following companies:


TECNOPLANO, S.A. already materialized over 1.000 contracts. Responding to the Angolan market we established Tecnoplano Angola, Lda., to develop better support our core services in the region.

Following our corporate strategy for market diversification abroad, TECNOPLANO returns to Brazil were in the past was involved in several projects. This return to Brazilian Market was made through the opening of local company (TECNOPLANO BRAZIL, LDA), to better support our regional activities.


TECNOPLANO – Engineering and Management Lda. (Mozambique), is a local firm established to better support our activity in the region, thus benefiting the “know-how” and experience of the Group for almost half a century uninterruptible activity TECNOPLANO – Technology and Planning, S.A., owner company based in Portugal.

INTEGRA More Lda. was born in 2007 from two leading companies, GRAÇA VITERBO – Interior Architecture and Decoration and TECNOPLANO – Engineering and Management, with the aim of providing the market with integrated solutions in design, construction and decoration.


Lifestyle is an Angolan company dedicated to Interior Design, with a Shop and Office in Talatona – Luanda, and is the exclusive representative of Viterbo Interior Design for the African Continent.

CYCLOPLANO, S.A. is a partnership between, Cycloid, Tecnoplano and Kakkoyy’s S.L., that combine experiences in multidisciplinar services, such as: Consulting, IT, Telecommunications, Energy Efficient, Engineering, Software Development, etc..


Continuing with the diversification strategy based on organic growth, Tecnoplano created the Brazilian company Operplano – Facility Management, in order to respond to the adjudication of the 5-year Maintenance Contract at the Rio-Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro.

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