At TECNOPLANO we understand that a “Good Project” must effectively translate a global vision of the Project, integrating its different parts into a set of easy interpretation and reflecting all the elements necessary for the execution of the Works.

TECNOPLANO has a multidisciplinary team experienced in the coordination and elaboration of Architecture and Engineering Projects in several Market Sectors. We develop Projects from the Conceptual Study stage to the Detailed Design and Technical Assistance stages, including:

•   Architecture and Landscaping
•   Demolitions, Foundations and Structures
•   Water and Sanitation Networks (Building and Urban)
•   Electrical and Telecommunications Installations (Building and Urban)
•   Integrated Security Installations
•   Centralized Technical Management
•   Mechanical Installations (HVAC)
•   Gas Network Installations (Building and Urban)
•   Fire Safety
•   Acoustic Conditioning
•   Thermal Efficiency (Energy and Indoor Air)
•   Public Lighting Facilities
•   Road Network Tracing and Signaling
•   Safety and Health Plan in Project Phase (PSS – Projeto)
•   Construction and Demolition Waste Prevention and Management Plan (PPGRCD)

Our team is routined in BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment with technical capacity in several engineering designs so as to develop complete and detailed virtual models of Housing, Tourism, Services and Industry Projects.

We work regularly with reference Architecture Studios, elaborating the several Engineering Projects and ensuring all the coordination of the development of these Projects as well as the compliance and compatibility with the Architecture Project.

In addition to Project Design, TECNOPLANO also has experience in several consulting services such as

•   Asset Technical Due Diligence
•   Seismic Vulnerability Assessment
•   Construction Cost Estimates
•   Design Analysis and Review
•   Feasibility Studies
•   Technical Audits


Rui Padilha
(Head of Construction & Infrastructures)

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