“The Energy Sector is the one that leads the fight against the effect of climate change and faces greater transformations, affirming itself as one of the fundamental pillars of competitiveness of current and future economies

With several dozens of contracts executed in the national and international markets in this sector and a multidisciplinary team, experienced and guided by innovation and client needs, we develop activities such as:

•   Master-plans and Feasibility Studies
•   Power flow and network stability studies
•   Engineering and Infrastructure Studies and Projects
•   Economic and Financial Studies and Analysis
•   Detailed Design Review
•   Procurement of Construction and Supply Processes
•   Follow-up of factory and on-site tests (FAT and SAT)
•   Surveys and Site Investigation
•   Cartography, Topography and LIDAR

Our team is routined in BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment with technical capacity in several engineering designs so as to develop complete and detailed virtual models of Energy Projects.

TECNOPLANO has accumulated experience in more than 65 contracts in the Energy Sector, totaling more than 4,000 M€ of investment in several geographies, also highlighting the experience in the development and management of more than 20 FIDIC Contracts in recent years, with an accumulated value of more than 1,500 M€.


Rui Padilha
(Head of Power Systems)


 Falagueira Substation 400/150/60kV 
(REN – Portugal) 


Ribatejo Cutting Station 400kV 
(REN – Portugal) 

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